A social barometer to survey your employees and establish a complete diagnosis

Punctually assess the feelings of your employees. Address one or more themes with a complete set of questions and gain an in-depth understanding of the tackled issue.

Intuitive questionnaires

Our simple and fun questionnaires maximize the response rate. The questionnaires are complete and contain an average of 40 questions.


Tailor-made questions

Our library of questions can be enriched with your tailor-made questions. Create your own questions alone or with the help of our team. Choose your types of questions: scale, multiple/ single choice, conditional, with or without comments.


Translation in 120 languages

Our platform now operates in 120 languages in real time and simultaneously, allowing each user to answer questionnaires and access the platform in the desired language. Our translation system is based on contextualization algorithms. Survey your company globally!


A tailor-made frequency

Survey your employees weekly, monthly, half-yearly... Thanks to our pulse surveys, follow the evolution of your KPIs over time. You have the possibility of conducting a survey over a fixed period while extending the end date of the questionnaire if necessary.

Questionnaires adapted to your needs

Our questionnaires are completely customizable, you can choose:

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    The sequence of questions

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    The population to be surveyed, according to different attributes

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    The number of questions and pages

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    The email, title and opening message of the questionnaire

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    The design (color, logo)

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    Classic or conditional questionnaires


Accessible on all devices

The questionnaires are accessible online via a link sent to employees by email and/ or SMS, or directly on the platform by logging in with their IDs. Your employees can answer the questionnaires from their computer, phone or tablet.


A confidential and secure platform

Responses are confidential, in compliance with the GDPR. No results are accessible below the confidentiality threshold.


Launch of the questionnaire in 24 hours

Deploy your survey in 24 hours within your company, our platform adapts to any volume of users.

360 scientifically developed questions

We have established, with the Université de Psychologie Sociale et du travail d’Aix Marseille, a library of 400 questions spread over 60 themes (QWL, engagement, teleworking, etc.). Our experts help you to choose the most relevant questions according to your challenges and your sector.

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    Internal communication

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    Barometer (QVT, Engagement...)

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    Business Transformation

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    Other (ordinary sexism, hybrid work, moving...)

From survey to action

Survey, analyze, communicate and act in complete confidentiality

They trust us

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