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Understand your teams with our algorithms to continuously improve your company

We help more than 100 companies to better understand their teams

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A platform for all the company’s stakeholders

Customize your platform with complementary features

Employee Survey

Adapt your strategy by making the best decisions thanks to the Octomine AI

Survey your employees in a few clicks on key themes (QWL, engagement, teleworking,..) with our simple and confidential questionnaires. Our artificial intelligence analyzes the results for you in real time.

  • A library of 360 scientifically developed questions

  • Customized questionnaires

  • Launch in 24h

  • Translation in 110 languages

  • Real time analysis of results

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360° Feedback

Develop the skills of each employee

Complete summaries to get to the point: quickly visualize and understand the results by question, theme or population. The Octomine AI automatically identifies pain points to allow you to implement targeted actions. Our algorithm highlights the key topics covered in comments through semantic analysis in 110 languages.

  • Feedback requests between peers, managers and/or subordinates

  • Self-assessment

  • Real-time analysis

  • Questionnaires templates for soft skills

  • Customizable settings

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Test your teams’ knowledge

Evaluate the knowledge of your teams in a fun way thanks to our questionnaires in the form of quizzes.

  • Creation of tailor-made questions

  • Addition of information and tips

  • Summary of your teams' scores

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Boost your teams

What makes us unique

100% Adaptable

Questionnaires and a platform adapted to your business and your issues: create your tailor-made questions on the themes of your choice, personalize the design and access rights, choose the languages ​​of use.

Power of Analysis

The most powerful tool on the market at the service of employees well-being: our Artificial Intelligence, developed by our team of data scientists, allows you to dig into the data and identify the levers of your teams’ performance in real time.

Tailor-made follow up

A dedicated account manager supports you throughout the process: project framing, communication, training, results restitution, etc.

Security and confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality of responses is our priority. Octomine acts as a trusted third party with a completely secure platform. The answers are confidential and we respect the GDPR.

Our success stories

Vinci Energies

For 3 years, Octomine has been part of the daily lives of our employees and allows us to continuously monitor the state of mind of the teams. In particular, it allowed us to have relevant feedback during the health crisis. It is a good HR facilitation tool that is particularly useful for: Ask tailor-made questions, quickly obtain the point of view of employees and adapt our actions. It also allows our managers to open up dialogue in team meetings through discussions.

Vinci Energies
Claire Lepel Cointet
HR Manager

Use cases

We assist our clients in all their challenges

Social Barometer

Identify priority HR projects with pulse or with our digital social barometer.

Quality of life at work

Continuously take the pulse of your employees and offer them an optimal quality of life at work.


Identify the levers of employee engagement and take action to keep your teams motivated


Stay close to your teams that work remotely, understand their expectations and adapt your processes to increase their productivity in teleworking.

Annual reviews

Open the dialogue during annual reviews. 360° feedback provides you with a downloadable summary of your employees' profiles that identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Customer satisfaction

Survey your customers on how they feel and experience your service or product. Our algorithms identify areas for improvement for you, allowing you to better meet the needs of your customers.

They trust us

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