Reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, changes in working methods, hypergrowth... create surveys adapted to the transformations of your company, involve your employees in the reflection and listen to their feelings for smooth transformations.

When to conduct a survey on transformations?

My company is planning a transformation

  • I want to understand the expectations and reluctances of my employees regarding our transformation

  • I want to support my employees in these changes

My company is facing structural changes

  • My company is undergoing a restructuring (takeover, merger, fast growth, etc.)

  • New processes are implemented in my company

Why conduct a survey on transformations?

of failed M&A deals are due to poor communication
of failed M&A deals are due to internal conflicts
of failed M&A deals are due to culture

What are the benefits?

For the company

  • Employee retention

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee support for the transformation project

  • Better accompaniment to change

For employees

Quality of working life
  • Reduced stress and mental workload

  • Greater trust in the company

  • A feeling of being involved in the transformation process

Octomine’s process

Our team of experts will accompany you at every stage of your project.

Octomine surveys employees about their feelings and expectations regarding the transformations
Questionnaire Transformations
Our AI and our team of experts help you identify friction points, misunderstandings and enthusiasm in real time
Act to better communicate on the transformation to employees, reassure them and support them in the change
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