Automated analysis and personalized support

Technological expertise and human expertise at the service of business transformation.
Since 2016, we have supported more than 100 companies in all sectors, in France, Europe and worldwide.
Our unique approach combines the analytical power of our AI with the customized support provided by our teams of experts, to guarantee our clients an unparalleled experience.

The power to analyze your data

The most powerful tool on the market for caring and efficient companies: our Artificial Intelligence, developed by our team of data scientists, can dig into the data and identify the performance drivers of your teams in real time.

Synthesis to get to the point
Tableaux de bord

Quickly visualize the results of surveys thanks to summaries generated in real time by our artificial intelligence

Results can be sorted by theme or score. Target the analysis of results using our filter system (population, category, period, etc.)
Identify the weaknesses and strengths of your teams. Weaknesses correspond to a drop in results over time, very heterogeneous responses, very low team scores or scores that are globally lower than average. The same reasoning is used to identify the strengths of your teams.
Team weather
Evolution of scores
A cross analysis of the results
Météo des équipes

Octogrid presents a cross-sectional overview of results by population and by theme

It allows you to analyze the results of different teams at a glance, and to identify disparities: easily identify the teams that are performing well and those that are struggling, and the key issues within your company.
Team weather
Compare teams
Identify priority topics
Identify priority teams
A semantic analysis in 120 languages
Nuage de mots

OctoWords is a feature that displays the semantic analysis of comments by team, by period, by theme and by question

Word clouds give you an overview of the topics raised by the collaborators, of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, before reading the comments. Comments can be filtered according to the score associated with them.
Octomine now supports simultaneous translation in 120 languages, allowing each user to access answers and comments in the desired language, regardless of the original language of the answers.
Word Clouds
Keyword filtering of comments
Automated analysis
Translation into 120 languages

Understand in one click the levers and obstacles of the indicator of your choice (engagement, QWL, employer brand...) for a given team or your company as a whole

Our AI generates a synthetic table in real time, allowing you to understand the positive and negative influences on the studied indicator. Then adjust your processes and resources appropriately to achieve your goals.
Priority actions
Identification of levers and obstacles
Automated AI analysis
Understand your results

Support for your HR teams

A dedicated team supports you throughout the process: project framing and field expertise, communication, training, results feedback, etc. We also offer an à la carte analysis service on the perimeter and surveys of your choice.


In-depth analysis at your disposal

Our AI maps the correlations between the different problematics and identifies groups of respondents in order to establish more complete profiles. Understand the levers of your key indicators and target priority actions.


Customizable access rights to the platform

Customize the access rights to the results according to the tree structure of your company. Accesses to the platform are fully configurable and customizable.


Communicate with your teams in a few clicks

Thanks to our downloadable summaries, select the key results and share them with your employees! Our experts can also assist you in building a presentation of your results.

They trust us

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