Professional relationship & Management

Improve relationships, trust and communication within your teams.
Create a culture of feedback between management and employees.

When to conduct a survey on this topic?

I have objectives to achieve and would like to take stock of the situation

  • I want to get objective feedback on management

  • I want to understand the existing relationships within my teams

  • I want to increase collaboration, especially in hybrid work

  • I want to develop a feedback culture in my teams

I am facing problems

  • There are conflicts within my teams

  • Managers are in trouble

  • There is a bad team climate or no team spirit

  • My employees have a high mental load

Why conduct a survey on this topic?

of employees do not feel listened to enough by their employer
Managers are responsible for variations in employee engagement of up to:

What are the benefits?

For the company

Team spirit
  • More productive and united employees

  • Employee loyalty

  • More engaged employees

  • A reduction in absenteeism

  • A better management

  • Set up of a feedback culture

For employees

Quality of working life
  • A better work environment

  • Reduced mental workload

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