The employee Net Promoter Score: A standard indicator to measure engagement

Launch eNPS campaigns to easily and continuously measure employee engagement.

A unique question

Your employees score a single question on a scale of 0 to 10, It's quick and easy!

The usual question asked is “How likely are you to recommend our organization to your family or friends?”, but we give you the option to ask any question you want, with the NPS format.

One score: the eNPS

Access the results in your eNPS dashboard, which shows:

Your eNPS score: a standard indicator with a specific calculation method.

promoters % - detractors % = eNPS

(Employee Net Promoter Score Calculation)

The distribution of your employees in 3 categories:



Score of 9 or 10

These employees speak highly of your company in their circles, are committed and do not hesitate to bring new ideas.



Score of 7 or 8

These employees do not especially recommend your company and tend not to be actively engaged.



Score between 0 and 6

These employees are not very or not at all committed, it is possible that they convey a negative image of your company.

An internal benchmark to compare scores between different populations, determine which teams are less engaged than others and target action plans on these populations.

Analysis of the comments: a cloud of keywords and comments from the results obtained, classified by category (promoter, passive, detractor) in order to have an overview of the feedback.

Recommendations for improving engagement

Implement the right actions thanks to the recommendations of our AI and follow the evolution of your eNPS following your action plans.

  • Your score is excellent if it is above 30

  • Your score is good if it is between 10 and 30

  • Your score is acceptable if it is between 0 and 10

  • Your score is bad if it is negative

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