Quality of Working Life

The Quality of Working Life is complex and fluctuating: take the pulse of your teams in real time on all subjects of QWL (motivation, health, work/ life balance) in order to improve their quality of life at work continuously and prevent psychosocial risks.

When to conduct a QWL survey?

I have objectives to achieve and would like to take stock of the situation

  • I want to improve employee experience in my company

  • I want to improve the work/life balance

  • I want to take the pulse of my employees to avoid the appearance of psychological distress

I am facing problems

  • My employees are tired and/or in psychological distress

  • My employees have a heavy workload

  • There is a high rate of absenteeism in my company

Why conduct a QWL survey?

A QWL approach could reduce absenteeism at work by
The productivity of happy employees would increase by
3 millions
people are affected by burnout each year in France

What are the benefits?

For the company

Quality of working life
  • More engaged and productive employees

  • A decrease in absenteeism

  • A better atmosphere in the company

For employees

Employee experience
Quality of working life
  • Better employee experience

  • Better work/life balance

  • Reduced mental load

Octomine’s process

Our team of experts will accompany you at every stage of your project.

  1. 1

    Octomine surveys employees on various aspects of their work life

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  2. 2

    Our AI and our experts teams give you a broad and complete view on the Quality of Working Life in your company, and for each population

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  3. 3

    Take action by setting up adequate action plans for the concerned teams

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