Employer brand

Make your employees the best ambassadors of your company.
Collect their feelings and improve their experience to promote your employer brand, attract and retain talent.

When to conduct a survey on employer brand?

I have objectives to achieve and would like to take stock of the situation

  • I want to have a diagnosis of my employer brand

  • The employer brand is becoming a key internal topic

  • I want my company to shine on the Internet

I am facing problems

  • I have difficulties to recruit and attract new talent

  • I have a hard time retaining talent: employee turnover is high

  • I cannot turn my employees into ambassadors

  • My company is affected by the great resignation

Why conduct a survey on employer brand?

Companies with a strong employer brand lower their hiring costs by:
of hires begin with an online search of the company
of executives have considered resigning at the end of 2021

What are the benefits?

For the company

Employer brand
  • Employees retention

  • Reduced employees turnover

  • Empowerment of employees as ambassadors

  • A more attractive company for candidates

For employees

Employee experience
  • A better employee experience

  • A sense of pride in belonging

Octomine’s process

Our team of experts will accompany you at every stage of your project.

Octomine surveys employees on key employer brand issues: work/life balance, career development, QWL…
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Our AI and experts teams help you understand what keeps your employees in the company and what they miss
Communicate on your results to attract talent
Partage des résultats
Improve blocking points in order to make employees your brand ambassadors
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