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VINCI Energies Systèmes d'Information (VESI), is the orchestra conductor of the VINCI Energies Group's IT, communication and management tools.
Above all, it is 510 men and women who are passionate about their work and who are committed to satisfying the tens of thousands of users of the IT tools used on a daily basis.
VESI deploys large-scale projects in France and abroad, in 57 countries.

For the past 3 years, Octomine has been part of the daily life of our teams and allows us to continuously monitor the state of mind of our teams.
This is essential during the covid-19 crisis to get feedback from our employees.
It is a good HR animation tool that is particularly useful for us to :
・Ask customized questions
・Quickly get the employees' point of view and adapt our strategy.
It allows our managers to open up the dialogue in team meetings for employees who do not bring up certain subjects in an open discussion.

Claire Lepel Cointet
Claire Lepel Cointet
HRM VINCI Energies Information Systems

Why choose Octomine ?

In July 2017, VINCI Energies Systèmes d'Information (VESI) called on Octomine to survey its employees on all themes of life at work. In addition, specific questionnaires facilitated the management of the sanitary crisis.

The goals

Understand the problems of its teams

Increase the loyalty of its employees by responding to their demands as best as possible

Have a managerial structure close to the teams and the hierarchy

Improve the managerial culture

Identify areas of improvement for the teams in order to find appropriate actions

Octomine takes the pulse of the 510 VESI employees through bi-monthly surveys. Those are developed with the HR team which supervises the project and accompanies the managers in the methodology to set up targeted actions.

VESI has established different practices over time:

・Quarterly synthesis sent to managers of their team's results).
・A presentation of the quarterly synthesis of the results (strengths, areas for improvement, recommended and/or implemented actions) of VESI made during the Steering Committee.
・Responses to employee comments, which remain confidential and anonymous.
・Meetings with the teams to discuss the results and open the dialogue.
This practice has changed their way of working and collaborating towards a more participative management.

The results

A better communication dynamic within the teams
A better understanding by the managers of the teams' feelings
A better overview of the issues by the management

Quality of life at work:

9 /10

Employees feel that they are trusted in teleworking

Professional development and fulfillment:

8.5 /10

Employees believe that their N+1 encourages them to improve their skills

This score has increased by 8% in 3 years (between 2019 and 2022)

Working relations & management:

8.4 /10

Newcomers believe that the onboarding is fully adapted and of high quality

8.6 /10

Employees believe that they have a good relationship with their manager

8.6 /10

In the event of a problem, employees feel confident in reporting it to their manager

Octomine acts as a tool that allows for a more direct, more frank dialogue, which reflects the real questions of employees, while being secure and anonymous.

Dominique Tessaro
Dominique Tessaro, DSI Vinci Energies

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