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Octomine takes the temperature of your teams, analyses in real-time and gives taylor-made recommendations thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithms

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These companies have decided to empower their business with their people:

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"Octomine acts as a tool to establish a more direct, frank dialogue that reflects the real issues of employees, while being secure and anonymous."
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Vincent Gailhaguet, HR Transformation manager at Engie E&P

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A social barometer continuous, objective, business-oriented

There is no greater wealth for a company than the men and women who make it up. A company that performs better is also a company where employees develop better.
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Companies live, and do not stop after the annual barometer. Having continuous data helps you to be responsive, agile and aware of everything.

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Biases, very little for us: by adding data to questionnaires (themselves scientifically developed) we reduce biases and thus give you the most objective information possible.

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You add the KPIs that accompany you today to finally reveal the links between the economic performance and the women and men of your company.

The really smart functions


Confidentiality is key, since our first functions everything is set up to allow the most important confidentiality by allowing a sufficiently precise analysis


We are multilingual in several widely spoken languages, and if your employees speak Swedish, Japanese or Icelandic, we have everything planned.

Never alone

Notre outil intègre plusieurs niveaux d'actions, de recommandations managériales simples adaptées à la situation à un niveau plus élevé de conseil, nous savons nous entourer.

There is no business without economic performance. By integrating the latter into the barometer, you make it possible to give tools where they are lacking, attention where they are indispensable, and actions where it is necessary to act... with economic results in perspective.


It is written on our walls so that we remember it at all times: we want simplicity first.

Precise & comparative

Several sites, several entities, several countries? You can compare everything continuously with graphs that are easy to understand.


Far from reading the future in a crystal ball, our algorithms and models allow us to forecast your company with increasing precision.

IS integration

We help you to plug your IS or your HRIS, to save time, and facilitate the implementation. It's simple!

How to use it

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App or responsive

It is you who choose, on business phones or not, every employee can access it, even when roaming.


Time is the nerve of the war, our interfaces are clear to devote the right time, not more.


In the subway we still don't get reception, do we? Employees can reply anywhere, answers are sent as soon as the connection returns.

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All the functions

From dashboards to questionnaires, everything is available to take full advantage of the ease of the laptop.

Accessible to all

86% of phones sold are smartphones that can install apps, probably more than employees connected in French companies.

Source : Kantar worldpanel
No more de mail

By adapting to your employees' habits, we avoid e-mails, optimize feedback requests and personalize their experience.


Confidentiality is important to us. It is all the interest of an approach organized by a third company which gives a guarantee of security and impartiality. Octomine explains clearly how we process data.

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Scientific accuracy

It is easy to create a few questions to gauge team morale. On the other hand if a solid methodology is not respected during the creation, it is at the moment of the analysis that everything will switch it is obvious. At Octomine, we have established a partnership with top scientists.

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Our team

Behind Octomine, a complete and complementary team takes place.

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