With over a century of expertise, Arcade Beauty is the global leader in end-to-end sampling and manufacturing. Arcade Beauty is dedicated to creating meaningful discovery experiences for the beauty and wellness industry. Arcade Beauty develops a wide range of Perfume, Skincare & Make-up samples and single-doses for the world's leading beauty brands. Arcade Beauty operates internationally through more than 15 countries, and collaborates with more than 400 global beauty brands. Innovation is at the heart of their activities, with more than 66 innovation patents.

Octomine has enabled us to provide our employees with a personalized Arcade Beauty platform, built by the HR teams, ergonomic and intuitive so that they can freely express their opinions on their collaboration within their entity and more generally within the group Arcade Beauty Europe. A secure and easy-to-use tool for our almost 700 employees spread over 7 sites, as well as for the HR Managers in charge of the follow-up and the analysis of the results !
An essential tool to give a voice to the employees who thus contribute by their feedback to the progress of our company.

Sandrine Leprevost
HRD Europe, Arcade Beauty

Why choose Octomine ?

Arcade Beauty Europe has called upon Octomine in order to carry out a barometer of satisfaction and engagement among its employees.
This study, conducted from November 22 to December 24, 2021, is focused on 6 key pillars : global vision, collaboration, communication, performance, health and safety, engagement.
A previous employee survey was conducted in 2018 and allowed us to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Since 2018, we have experienced significant changes at several levels: staff movements, organizational changes, the introduction of new technologies, the creation of new activities, and the Covid-19 crisis. In the face of such developments, we felt it was important to renew the experience with this time, Octomine, in order to collect the opinions of our employees in a secure and anonymous manner.

The goals

Collect the opinions of our employees in a secure and anonymous manner

Ensure that our company’s strengths are sustained

Identify some areas for improvement on all the topics covered in the study

An HR action plan for each site, adapted to its needs

The results

A sense of pride to be working for Arcade Beauty
A secure work environment, where one feels safe
A good overall communication between employees
A good team spirit that inspires employees in their daily work
A clear and understood link between the roles of each employee and the strategic objectives of the Group

8.3 /10


Arcade Beauty employees are proud to belong to their team

8.3 /10


Communication within the Arcade Beauty teams is permanent

8.1 /10

Managerial relations

Arcade Beauty's employees have a good relationship with their manager

The results of the barometer are currently being analyzed and will lead to the creation of working groups in the coming months to identify the HR actions to be implemented in the short and long term

Want to gather the opinion of your teams and target your HR action plans ?