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Use cases

We assist our clients in all their challenges

Social barometer

Identify priority HR projects using our digital barometer and ensure the well-being and monitoring of your teams. Choose pulse surveys to keep the pulse of your employees constantly: our questionnaires are simple and quick. Choose our digital social barometer for a complete diagnosis: we offer sets of questions on many HR topics.

Quality of life at work

Survey your employees regularly on all QWL subjects (motivation, health, work/personal life balance), but also on related HR topics in order to understand the indicators that impact the QWL of your employees. Launch adequate action plans for an optimal employee experience and to prevent psychosocial risks.

Employee engagement

Thanks to our employee surveys, improve employee engagement and your business’ performance. The artificial intelligence of our HR platform and our teams of experts help you identify in real time the levers of your employees’ engagement. Take action to give meaning to the work of your teams and ensure their fulfillment.


Reorganization, transformation, new ways of working ... create your tailor-made questionnaires according to the changes carried out in your company. Identify the key challenges, involve your employees in the reflection and listen to their feelings for suitable and smooth transformations !


Stay close to your teams working remotely with our online employee questionnaires. Understand their expectations by collecting their feedback in real time on topics such as communication, remote work tools or disconnection. Then adapt your processes to increase their productivity in teleworking.

Employer brand

Make a digital diagnosis of your employer brand and improve it to recruit talents and retain your employees. Use our employee surveys to ensure employee satisfaction in your company, and thus ensure better retention of talent.


Give a voice to newcomers on their feelings and collect feedback on onboarding in your company thanks to our personalized questionnaires. Improve your processes to better integrate your new employees and have a fresh look at your company !


Improve communication within both your teams and your company through regular employee questionnaires. Identify potential areas for improvement and act accordingly. Good communication is a key factor for better employee productivity.

Mental workload

Stress, fatigue, or difficulty to disconnect are signs of a heavy mental load. Listen to employees and take action to lighten the mental workload of your teams. Reduce the risk of burnout and absenteeism, and improve QWL in your company.

Gender diversity and balance

Collect the feelings of your employees on gender diversity in your company, as well as on equality in terms of remuneration and professional opportunities. Furthermore, survey employees on their own experience, and compare perceptions of men and women.

Professional relationships and Management

Survey your employees on their work relations and the management (listening, trust, communication, etc.) in order to identify conflicts within teams, managers in difficulty and to improve internal relations.

Exit interview

When an employee resigns, conduct an exit interview survey about the underlying reasons of his or her departure. Identify the weak signals and understand the causes of employee turnover in your company. Take action to improve the employee experience and retain your talent. Turn a departure into an opportunity!

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