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Parts Holding Europe (PHE) is a leader in the independent distribution of spare parts for Light and Heavy Vehicles in Western Europe, present in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain. In France, the Group operates on the BtoB market for the distribution of spare parts, particularly to repair professionals, via Autodistribution, and on the BtoC market with Oscaro, the French leader in the online sale of spare parts for light vehicles. The PHE Group achieved a consolidated turnover of 2 billion euros in 2021.

With OCTOMINE we have taken up a challenge: to institute social feedback for the employees of our more than 400 establishments in France and Europe. The PHE Social Barometer, initiated in 2019 and renewed in 2022, is now a meeting awaited by all. It is already planned to be renewed in 2024. Beyond the daily dialogue in the teams, the Social Barometer is, for all employees, a common platform for free expression. The measure that it offers of progress in terms of engagement, working conditions and managerial support allows operational management of the Group's social policy as well as its local versions.

Patrick Bonnard - Responsable des Affaires Sociales Groupe - PHE
Patrick Bonnard
Group Social Affairs Manager - PHE

Why choose Octomine ?

In 2019, PHE called on Octomine to set up its first Engagement Survey withthe objective of deploying a questionnaire (35 questions) to French employees around 3 main themes: on the one hand knowledge of the Group and engagement, on the other hand the working environment and conditions, and finally work relations and professional evolution.

The challenge: to obtain a participation rate of at least 50% and for this to reach a population of employees who are unfamiliar with this type of approach and who do not, for the most part, have the daily use of IT tools.

A successful bet with a participation rate of 55%: the ease of access to the Octomine tool, its ergonomics, and its confidentiality allowed employees to express their opinion simply and freely.

In 2022, PHE calls on Octomine again for the second edition of the Engagement Barometer, this time on a European scope. The questionnaire is constructed in 3 languages; 6,850 employees will be questioned with a response rate up sharply at 62%.

The Engagement Barometer has thus become a tool whose results are expected by everyone: general management, HRD, managers, employees and staff representatives. The avenues for improvement that it outlines help to reinforce the relevance of the Group’s social policy.

Octomine’s assets according to PHE

Adaptability: With 10 HR perimeters, 38 companies, and more than 400 establishments, our organization is complex. Octomine has been able to integrate this tree structure both for real-time monitoring of participation rates and for the exploitation of results at the finest level.
Simplicity: “Multi-device” and multi-channel accessibility to questionnaires and ergonomics within everyone's reach have contributed to good participation rates. Easy access to the different levels of results allows a quick appropriation by the management and operational as to areas for improvement.
Reactivity: The availability of the Octomine team and its ability to respond to our requests made it possible to find relevant solutions on time and to adapt to the Group's requirements.

The results

The results for 2022

A sharp increase in participation: 62% in 2022 vs 55% in 2019.
All the indicators are progressing.

8.3 /10


8.5 /10

Sense of work

8 /10

Managerial support

7.9 /10

Work organization

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