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Relyens is a leading European mutual insurance and risk management group

For 4 years now, we have chosen to work with Octomine, which has become a real asset for Relyens. The barometer has enabled us to establish a culture of feedback and open communication within the organization. This versatile HR tool provides us with a real-time view of our employees concerns, enabling us to take proactive steps to improve our working environment.
The benefits have been tangible: a better understanding of our employees needs, more informed decisions, a constant improvement in our working environment and increased commitment.

Laurence Rameaux
Deputy Director of Human Resources

Why choose Octomine ?

In 2019, Relyens called on Octomine to set up their recurring social barometer, which is part of an overall internal employee experience project.

The goals

Measure, improve satisfaction and commitment

Identify strengths and areas for improvement

Evaluate the impact of current transformation initiatives

Evaluate satisfaction at each stage of the employee experience

Gather feedback on different employee experiences

Improve talent retention by creating a positive experience

Identify training/personal development needs

Octomine takes the pulse of Relyens 1,080 employees through fortnightly questionnaires.

Relyens has introduced various practices over time:
・A presentation of the half-yearly/annual summary of results (strong points, areas for improvement, actions recommended and/or implemented) made at the CSSCT.
・Responses to employee comments, which remain confidential and anonymous.
・Meetings with teams to discuss results and open up dialogue.

This practice has changed the way they work and collaborate towards a more participative management style.

The results

A better understanding of our employees needs
More informed decisions
Continuous improvement of our working environment


8 /10


My team's success depends on everyone working together


It's easy for me to speak up in meetings when I'm remote

Work relations & management:

7.8 /10


In my team we have regular exchange times


7.6 /10

Octomine has enabled us to collect valuable and relevant data from our employees in an efficient and professional way. Octomine's user-friendly interface, combined with their customer support, has greatly simplified our information gathering process. We appreciate their commitment and ability to customize surveys to meet our specific needs. It's a valuable collaboration that continues to add value at Relyens.

Yves Gaillot
Human Resources Director

You too can involve all your company's stakeholders