Aperam is a global player in the fields of stainless, electrical and specialty steels, as well as recycling. With a flat stainless and electrical steel production capacity of 2.5 million tonnes in Brazil and Europe, Aperam has customers in more than 40 countries. A global leader in sustainability, Aperam aims to provide steel and alloy solutions that are affordable and durable, and which provide endless strength, versatility and recyclability needed to build a sustainable society.

Why choose Octomine ?

Creating a safe and healthy working environment is Aperam’s top priority.
Understanding the opinion of each of their employees through surveys is important, asking for opinions and listening to them is the best way to improve! The objective is to identify the strengths and problems of teams in the field using a social barometer, confidential and accessible to all.
Designed as a recurring tool, this annual barometer allows Aperam to note the evolution of the teams' opinions and therefore the effectiveness of the corresponding measures.

The goals

Listen to the feelings and aspirations of the teams

Identify the company's strengths to capitalize on them, understand the problems of teams in the fiel

Build employee loyalty by meeting their expectations as best as possible

Collect opinions employees in a secure and anonymous manner

The results

A high participation rate of 75% (by the end of 2023) for around 11,000 employees worldwide.
The survey covers all employees and is available in more than 10 languages ​​represented within the group.
The Employee Engagement barometer is renewed annually and allows participation by all employees.
Sessions are organized to discuss the results with the teams and deepen them in a qualitative manner, and define actions as close as possible to the field, beyond cross-functional actions.

To help deploy this annual barometer, Aperam has chosen Octomine as a partner. Octomine facilitates the connection of all of our teams around the world by email or QR code, allows us to compare and consolidate easily accessible results, in full compliance with GDPR rules and in all required languages. The platform adapts to our needs and the questionnaire is fully customizable.
We received very positive reactions from respondents and managers who, for the first time, had direct access to their team's results (subject to a minimum number of respondents in order to guarantee a total confidentiality).
Octomine has always listened and responded to our needs and requests in a very responsive manner.

Alexandra Arblay
Manager of Mental Health, Inclusion and Diversity and Engagement