Support your managerial line, participate in their professional development

Customized recommendations

Sometimes you & your teams are short of ideas to help a manager in a situation. Call on our recommendations and our partners to get you off the hook!

Develop potential

Managers from the field are usually business experts of rare competence. Sometimes, however, coaching these managers at the beginning of their career is necessary to develop the art of being a manager.

Management styles

When you decide on a new management style, teams or businesses can feel confused. Quickly identify teams that require more time or adaptations.

What are the priorities?

By simply visualizing the needs of your teams and managers, you can prioritize your actions to increase results tenfold. Your actions are based on objective and tangible elements.

Managers recently promoted,
top manager training and management transformation.


Objective : time.

Your managers don't have time, do they? Octomine is an intuitive tool that integrates into the work without weighing down the processes.

Objective : training

Evaluate your teams' managerial training: those that work and those that don't... based on facts.

What are you going to be able to do?

  • Give your managers a tool to better understand their teams
  • Improve your line and managerial posture
  • Give advice to your managers to help them develop their skills
  • Follow step by step the implementation of managerial training
Are tools needed to improve your management line?

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