Measure B2C performance by state of mind

Increase your average shopping cart

Motivated and smiling teams are likely to increase customer experience and average shopping cart. How much will you earn by knowing and predicting the motivation of your teams?

Managerial support

In certain situations, the managerial line can be exceeded by events. Focus your efforts and bring your support and resources to those who need them most.


The same causes usually give the same effects. By visualizing with our predictive tool the state of mind of your teams you can anticipate a disruption.


Not everyone at home has a smartphone or computer. That's normal. We have several options to offer to reach all employees: on the checkouts, via a terminal or a shelf left available.

Franchise networks, own stores or sales teams.


Adaptation to your systems

Our team is responsible for linking to your systems and security.

These are your KPIs

We base ourselves on your habits and your way of following your company. Each team can have its own performance indicators.

Just what you need

Give the means at the right place where they are needed to obtain the expected results.

Your monitoring indicators

You want to follow :

  • the Turnover/m²
  • The Net Promoter Score
  • The average basket in your stores.

Today you can correlate it with data from your teams.

What are you going to be able to do?

  • To be able to find the sources of competitiveness in people
  • Be alerted in case of potential difficulty at a point of sale
  • Knowing what makes some stores outperform..
  • ... and be able to replicate it elsewhere
  • Homogenize practices
Is it obvious to you to link your state of mind and your turnover per m²?

I wanted to tell you: