For industrial performance

Measure your industry's performance by state of mind


Some of your employees are connected and others are not, we are able to offer a feedback experience to all employees on different media: terminal, smartphone, tablet...

Improve rates

By better understanding the needs of your teams in the field, you reduce downtime, scrap rates and optimize your quality rate.


Will these internal disruptions affect sales? Our algorithms can tell you that.

You're sitting on a pile of gold

Your data allows us to analyze and correlate your teams with their performance. Your IT data - even atypical - helps us greatly. You're sitting on a pile of gold.

In industrial, logistical or hospital environments.


Adaptation to your systems

Our team is responsible for linking to your systems and security.

These are your KPIs

We base ourselves on your habits and your way of following your company. Each team can have its own performance indicators.

Just what you need

Give the means at the right place where they are needed to obtain the expected results.

Your monitoring indicators

You want to follow:

  • quality rate or default rate
  • productivity
  • accidentology
  • machine downtime rate

Today you can correlate it with data from your teams.

What are you going to be able to do?

  • To be able to find the sources of competitiveness in your teams
  • Improve the organization or your processes, based on objective data
  • Limiting social irritants
  • Reduce your accidentology
Is it obvious to you to link mindset and industrial quality?

I wanted to tell you: