Follow the deployment of your transformation, lead all your collaborators in a serene way in the change.


Octomine est adaptable à toutes les situations, même en période de crise. Sachez en continu quelles sont les équipes qui ont besoin de soutien pour appréhender la transformation.

Adapted reporting

Be the first to know what is happening in your business, having access to the purest data, without the imprecision of filters and word of mouth.

Does it pass or doesn't it pass?

This transformation plan is to be deployed, okay. But do you have any idea how fast? With Octomine know when to speed up or slow down your deployment.

50 shades of actions

You can quickly see if an action you have implemented has a good impact on your teams... or if it is not. Be agile, be pragmatic!

In a profound transformation, digital or in the deployment of actions after a classic annual barometer.


Let us know your actions

With our features you can offer a consistent communication to your employees to let them know what you are putting in place... especially if it takes time.

What do your teams say?

With our specific treatment of verbatims, you know exactly what your teams have in mind, you are ready for action.

What are you going to be able to do?

  • Know the impact of your actions on your teams
  • Making the best possible road for your transformation
  • Anticipating reactions
  • Accelerate or slow down the transformation according to the availability of your teams
You want to know how Octomine can help you follow a transformation?

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