The Octomine support

A quick implementation and an accompaniment throughout your journey with Octomine

  • Making contact

    1. Making contact and first steps

    - Perimeter definition : which teams to survey ?

    - Integration of user data : fill in your HR data, last name, first name, email, teams.

    - Communication preparation : digital communication kit provided by Octomine.
  • 24 hours later

    2. Poll

    - Questionnaire creation : choice of questions from our library of 300 scientifically designed questions based on 50 themes, and addition of your potential questions or tailor-made themes.

    - Choosing the date of sending the questionnaire.

    - Sending of the questionnaire by email to the collaborators : possibility to include a video and a tailor-made message.

    - Reception of answers in real time.
  • 72 hours later

    3. Analysis of results in real time

    - Access to the results of the survey on your personal space.

    - Analyses and syntheses by team and by question : Octowords, Octogrid, Analytics.

    - Find out the warning points : Dig quickly and easily in the data.
  • 1 week later

    4. Communication of results in a few clicks

    - Share the results with your collaborators via a secure link.

    - Creation of a synthetic presentation with the help of the Octomine team.
  • From 2 weeks

    5. Implementation and management of actions

    - Identification and prioritization of actions team by team : identify the priority areas for action and their potential impact on your performance thanks to real-time analysis.

    - Launching an action plan<: address key Rh topics and encourage the sharing of best practices.

    - Organize tasks with the different stakeholders.
  • From 2 weeks

    6. Collaboration

    - Implementation of the collaborative space : the managers exchange on the subjects identified as priorities.

    - Exchange with the teams: within each action plan with the stakeholders thanks to our chat organized into discussion topics.


Questionnaires and a personalized reading grid.
The most powerful tool for prioritizing actions to be taken. Artificial intelligence identifies the key issues to be addressed.
Our team accompanies you throughout the process: launch, reading the results, training, advice.
Octomine acts as a trusted third party. Our secure platform protects the data. Answers are confidential and we respect the GDPR.
We help more than 50 companies to better understand their teams