Our scientific approach

Well-proven questionnaires

Having an offbeat tone and being close to you does not exempt us from maintaining a strong scientific rigour.

This is why from the creation of the questionnaires, our platform of statistical rendering and our methods of analysis, we have worked closely with leading professionals in social psychology, work psychology and sociology of work. The Laboratoire de Psychologie Sociale d'Aix Marseille with whom we work, helps us in drafting questions and analysis models.


We use calibrated questionnaires whose results are not in doubt. We also use an analytical structure that corresponds to studies that have already been tried and tested for a long time.

Our data models

The reading of the questionnaires is improved by the big data and the machine learning which allow us to locate data evolution models. It's a question of data science.

But what are these vulgar words?

Big data is the ability to process data very quickly in very large quantities. Our technologies at Octomine allow us that which allows us to reach a great objectivity of the data. Indeed it is thanks to the big data that we can recover data of environment of the company in addition to the numerous internal data. These data such as the weather or road traffic help us to understand the human reactions in the company.

Machine learning is the fact that computers learn by themselves from numbers and algorithms. Walk learning mechanisms allow us to correlate our data sets and learn about the relationships between them. They also allow us to identify data evolution models. These models allow us to anticipate potential future developments for our customers, making Octomine a proactive tool.

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