Octomine’s team

The Octomine team is a beautiful association of personalities as different as they are complementary.
Discover the profiles of the 3 founders of Octomine and do not hesitate to contact them!

Image équipe Octomine

Romain Guitton


Romain represents the medical and scientific aspect of the Octomine approach. He graduated in medicine at Pierre and Marie Curie University and practiced osteopathy for 4 years. It was from there that he came up with the idea of osteopathy in companies and more broadly that of Bonnet de Jour, his first company.

Romain is also a passionate entrepreneur from the HEC Challenge+ program.

After the success of its first startup developed with Alexandre, and by analyzing the needs of their existing customers, Romain launches into the creation of Octomine with its 2 partners.

A fan of cooking, he will always be open to the idea of talking gastronomy with you, but also about Octomine.

It's not over until the bell rings!

Romain (from almost Rocky Balboa)Octomine

Alexandre Cornu


Alexandre graduated from Neoma Business School with an MSc in entrepreneurship and confirmed his desire to create a business by following the HEC Challenge+ program. Beyond a training, it is also an experience, since he is co-founder of Bonnet de Jour (service of quality of life at work), a startup which celebrates already its 5 years!

Alexandre's thirst for ideas and entrepreneurship led him to launch into the creation of Octomine with his 2 companions: Romain and Yves-Richard.

Today, he takes care of the commercial and financial aspect not only thanks to his beautiful smile (although that plays a lot) but thanks to his many experiences and his know-how.

A boxing lover, he does not only fight in the ring, but especially on a daily basis, to satisfy Octomine's customers.

A boxer that boxes.

Alexandre (from almost presque Rocky Balboa)Octomine

Yves-Richard Hong Tuan Ha


Yves-Richard is a graduate of Centrale-Supélec and has worked for several years in consulting firms, notably as Chief of Data Science (with English accent if possible).

By joining Alexandre and Romain on a common idea of intelligent dashboard, he makes available his numerous skills, notably in data science, but also in coding.

Yves-Richard likes to wear polarized sunglasses, even in gloomy weather, and will probably never say no to sharing a Montecristo with you.

You, me, anyone, nobody hits as hard as life, it's not about being a good puncher that counts, the important thing is to get hit and go ahead anyway, it's to be able to take it without ever, never flinching. That's how we win!

YR (d'après presque Rocky Balboa)Octomine
perverse paul serre - Octomine's team

Et puis Paul

decree e1490370736774 - Octomine's team

Paul represents Octomine's image, he's our mascot!

If you remember the 2010 World Cup, you must surely have Paul the Octopus in mind. Yes, he correctly predicted almost all the results of the competition, including the final! Our goal is to be able to approach and exceed Paul's ability with Octomine's predictivity.

Beyond this reference, octopus is also the ability to have several tentacles each linked to a common entity. Octomine is a bit like that, succeeding in taking into account multiple factors and data to make a coherent, fair and relevant whole.