About confidentiality

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Intransigent on data confidentiality

Octomine is a trusted intermediary. We host our data on secure servers (in France) and we keep all the individual data we collect absolutely confidential.

  • They are never communicated to your employer, your name never appears on the dashboard.
  • Below a number of respondents (10 in general), per team, region, the results are not communicated, for ethical reasons and according to the rules of the CNIL which we scrupulously respect.
  • Each verbatim is checked, so that there is no information lifting anonymity.
  • Your data is neither sold nor misused, that's for sure.

Why is this important to you?

We are very aware that no one is serene in leaving feedback when there is a risk that a supervisor or colleague will identify you. With Octomine no risk.
We wish to enable all employees, whatever their role or hierarchical level, to improve the quality of life in the company, by making constructive feedback.

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Why is this important for us?

It is more than important, it is essential for us.

The feedback of an employee is the most central data we have, it is the beginning of the operation of our process. If this feedback is imbued with ulterior motives, the data in fine will not be as precise. The only way to allow and make possible a very qualitative feedback is to provide all the elements allowing the most total confidentiality. That's right.